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Hostelurile din Belgia aniverseaza anul acesta 75 de ani de existanta

2008: a year of activities at our Youth Hostels!

Youth hostelling first took off in French-speaking Belgium in 1933.

Originally intended to encourage young people to engage in healthy travel, our hostels are now open to people of all ages, but primarily young people. This change is due to the constant improvements made to the Youth Hostels’ facilities, to the quality of the welcome and to the range or activities offered.

With over 210,000 nights spent at our Youth Hostels in 2007 (a record and a 9% increase on 2006!), LAJ is going to celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2008 in great shape.

A series of celebratory and commemorative activities will punctuate the year:

• A specially designed logo to mark our 75th anniversary will be a constant reminder.

• Promotion! Every 75 days in 2008, young people under 26 will be able to take advantage of a free night’s stay (and an annual membership card). This will start on Saturday 15th March. Subsequent dates will then be Thursday 29th May, Tuesday 12th August and Sunday 26th October.

• A commemorative publication celebrating the association’s values (tolerance, respect, meetings between different cultures) will be produced.

• On the weekend of 20th and 21st September, 75 young cyclists and LAJ will team up to sponsor a cycle course linking the hostels in Bouillon, Champlon and Malmedy, promoting “action for the planet” by awarding a cheque to an organisation that helps to protect the environment.

Other events will also be taking place at our ten Youth Hostels, reminding us that at 75, LAJ is still alive and kicking, and open to young people of all ages.

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