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Seminar Youth Hostelling and Active Citizenship

Evening of Wednesday 26th April 2006 - Arrival of the participants
19.00 - 21.00 Buffet dinner
Thursday 27th April 2006 - Day 1 of the Seminar
8.00 Breakfast

30. Presentation of Seminar Programme (background of the project, aims and objectives)

8.50 Introductions and "inter-cultural icebreakers":

+ Polaroid photo of each participant: three things for others to remember about each participant (past, present and future)

20. Guest Speaker: Representative of the Scouting movement.

40. Presentation by CEO of Croatian YHA: the role of Youth Hostel Associations in Civil Society/ potential co-operation with like-minded NGOs

+ Presentation of case study examples from other national YHAs and from EUFED on the theme of "Youth Hostelling and active citizenship at local, national and EU level"

Q&A session

30. Coffee pause

45. Break-out groups: brainstorming ideas for future action on the role of YHAs in Civil Society/potential co-operation with like-minded NGOs

11.45 Citizenship and Democratic Education: aims and objectives, and future funding possibilities:

Guest Speaker from Council of Europe
Q&A session

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Guest speakers from: EU YOUTH Programme (National Agency); and
a National Youth Council

+ Presentation of information on the EU YOUTH Programme: past, present, future

+ Funding possibilities from the EU YOUTH budget for follow-up actions to the Seminar on the theme of Active Citizenship

Q & A session

15.30 Coffee pause

16.00 Break-out groups: generation of future activities for YHAs within the context of "Youth Hostelling and Active Citizenship at local, national and EU level (with support from EU Youth Programme and Council of Europe Funding Programmes)

17.30 Meeting with young people of the Carinthian Region of Austria (to gain their perspectives on active citizenship)

20.00 Dinner

Friday, 28th April 2006 - Day 2 of the Seminar
08.00 Breakfast

09.00 Review of Day 1 of Seminar

09.20 Future Perspectives for European Citizenship: presentations from participants from: long-standing EU Member State; recently joined EU Member State; official candidate EU Member State; and aspiring candidate EU Member State

Q&A and Group Discussion Session

10.30 Coffee Pause

10.45 Youth Hostelling and Active Citizenship at a practical level:

How to implement good ideas and best practices, working alongside other NGOs, and with the support of statutory bodies, at

+ local level;
+ national level; and
+ EU level.

(Break-out groups)

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Reporting back from Break-out Groups

15.00 Coffee Pause

15.30 Generation of Action Plan for follow-up project and activities (including wider disseminations of the results of the Seminar), with the support of the EU Youth budget (plenary session)

17.00 Evaluation of the Seminar

18.00 Final remarks and Close

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