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Lonely Planets Travellers’ Pulse Survey 2006

In March Lonely Planet will launch the Travellers’ Pulse Survey 2006; one of the
largest surveys of independent travellers in the world.
The survey, developed with key partner STA Travel, along with Hostelling
International and MTV Europe, will look at the lifestyles, travel habits and trends of the independent traveller community.
The results will reveal where people are planning on taking holidays and short breaks in the next year, as well as the reasons why people travel and the sources that travellers get their destination information from.

Travellers’ Pulse is an online survey consisting of over 35 questions. The survey will be live from 9th March to 19th April and one lucky entrant will have the chance to take the trip of their dreams by winning a voucher from STA Travel worth £1000

The survey can be filled in HERE

This is the second year that the survey has run, in 2005 20,000 travellers took part and this year promises to be even bigger. Last year Australia was voted the
favourite destination of travellers around the globe, whilst Europe was voted the most loved continent.

The 2005 Traveller’s Pulse Survey also found:
• South America and Central America grew in popularity
• 91% of respondents use the web for pre-travel information
• 33% took 4 or more short breaks a year
• Respondents believed it’s more important to interact with locals rather
than making new ‘traveller’ friends on their journey
• 28% of respondents travelled alone

Find out what’s happening now in the independent travel community and where people will be travelling to next, when the Travellers’ Pulse 2006 survey results are released mid-year and shared with the travel industry.

Partner Information

STA Travel is the world’s largest travel company for students and young people. Since its inception in 1979, STA Travel has experienced exponential growth in size and sales. Today, the company turns over US $1.2bn a year, services more than 2.5 million travellers annually and employs over 2,400 staff worldwide.
STA Travel off ers a full travel service through over 400 branches, call centres and internet booking sites in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, UK and USA. STA Travel also off ers student fl ight tickets, accommodation and land products in over 60 additional countries through 2000 licensed outlets. Worldwide ‘Travel Help’ and customer service are integral parts of our global product portfolio. The Company is fully owned in Switzerland by Diethelm Keller
- a long established and well respected private trading company.

Hostelling International is the brand name of the International Youth Hostel Federation, the organisation that represents Youth Hostel Associations worldwide. Today, Hostelling International is one of the world’s biggest membership organizations, and off ers its 3.5 million members a choice of over 4,000 accommodation centres in 78 countries worldwide.
Hostelling International pioneered global booking systems for the budget accommodation sector, and its online system enables travellers to check availability and book accommodation anytime, anywhere – up to six months in advance.

MTV Networks International is the worlds largest television network, reaching more than 443 million households in 167 territories via terrestrial, cable, satellite, digital, and broadband.
Launched in 1981, MTV: Music Television is the leading multimedia brand for youth aimed at the 12-34 year old demographic.
Within the network, there are a range of brands - MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, TMF, Viva, TV Land, Game One, The Box, Flux, Paramount Comedy, Comedy Central, Spike TV, CMT and Logo - all specifically tailored to satisfy the tastes and nuances of each market including local programming, playlists and presenters.

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